5 Favorite Things

This has been a few weeks of playing catch up and starting new. If you follow me on instagram at No Filter Nomad, you know I’ve been working on slowing down.

I’m deep in discovering how to navigate this new Covid school year. Simply driving up, learning a car drop off line and saying “good bye” no longer works. Technology is basically the only way our kids can learn academically at this point. It’s a good thing I have a solid tech support guy in our home; it is not a gift of mine!

I returned to subbing this week. Masks, kids, taped areas around desks, abundant hand sanitizer and plexiglass shields all make up this new in- person education. I did snicker a bit when I saw a few kids dousing their hands in bottles of hand sanitizer without an adult interfering.

Cooking and baking has been amped up this week thanks to our freak September snowstorm and 35 degree days. Putting the oven on, pulling out all the pumpkin recipes and homemade jalapeño sourdough bread worked out just fine.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite things this week.

  1. Favorite New Listening Podcast

I’ve been walking Annie most days. She benefits from the activity and I love the time I get to soak in podcasts. A new favorite is called Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers. I loved her Crime Junkies podcast; imagining myself as an investigative reporter alongside her. Very Presidential, in her words, “uncovers the most damning details surrounding history’s most high-profile leaders; aka the presidents of the USA.” I give it 5 thumbs up. Listen on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

2. Yummy New Recipes for Easy Dinners and Snacks

I discovered Halfbaked Harvest this past January. I was drawn to her cookbook, Halfbaked Harvest Super Simple at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizonia. The pictures and descriptions captured my imagination and started my 2020 quest to cook every recipe in that book. I found her blog and have never turned back. These salt Cowboy Cookies are now on our family’s weekly bake cycle. She has a genius baking hack that creates the best cookies. Run to her site Halfbaked Harvest. You will be hooked, guaranteed!

Quick tip: After you make a recipe in any cookbook, write down the date and some notes about it. Did you love it? What would you add or take away next time? How’d the family like it? Your book becomes a memory book for your kids and YOU!

3. Quick Free Backpacking Planning

Our local library has a drive up service. While our library is open for visitors, it sure is nice to pull up, give them my number and get my books. Have to say, of the many things COVID has taken away, this new library feature is definitely a win in my book! I’ve been working on adding new hikes to my weekly list. It’s been fun to check out some of the Backpacker magazines and start dreaming about what we can do soon, fingers crossed. There are all kinds of tips and tricks in Backpacker. Grab a copy, a seltzer and start dreaming.

4. New music for fall days

Spotify continues to fill my tank with all genres of music. I discovered a few great playlists the other day. On repeat this weekend has been Just Good Music. I’ve found some new artists along with some pretty stellar lyrics.

5. Family fun games

While camping last weekend, our friends at RadFamily Travel brought along a new favorite game. Sequence, a card game with a twist, allows you to use some strategy while letting chance also help. It’s a game for all ages; allowing you to work together with a partner while engaging in conversation. You know the game is getting intense when the conversing stops and the quiet creeps in.

2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Things

  1. Love your list! Navigating these days sure have been a challenge. The Clever Carrot has been my go to for sourdough recipes this year, and we had my son and his new wife over for pizza and game night on Friday. Once the air quality gets better here, hoping to do more hiking through the fall. Not sure I am up to the backpacking level any more!


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