Build a Toolbelt to Tackle Life

Several years ago our family started seeing a therapist. We believe it's good to get outside help, perspective and neutral opinions. We also had found ourselves unable to get past some of the issues that surround abandonment, adoption, brokenness and childhood pains. During our first session, we learned about the Toolbelt. This toolbelt would help … Continue reading Build a Toolbelt to Tackle Life

5 Favorite Things

This has been a few weeks of playing catch up and starting new. If you follow me on instagram at No Filter Nomad, you know I've been working on slowing down. I'm deep in discovering how to navigate this new Covid school year. Simply driving up, learning a car drop off line and saying "good … Continue reading 5 Favorite Things

Dear Larry,

Thirty-five years ago today, August 2, you boarded a plane after saying good-bye to your wife and three children. Headed off for another business trip, this journey was supposed to be a little blip in your everyday work life. Thirty-five years ago today you didn't make it home. A lot has happened in the past … Continue reading Dear Larry,

Heart work

During COVID, I had some time on my hands. I wasn't traveling and I knew I had some hard heart work to do. It was rough. Zoom EMDR sessions are challenging. Digging up your crap and wrestling with the "Why" behind the behavior sucks. For 8 weeks I showed up and worked. I didn't sleep … Continue reading Heart work